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Waking Up From Winter Hibernation

Waking Up From Winter Hibernation

I took time off this winter from making. After an insane fall and holiday season with markets almost every weekend and making products every available minute of the day, I needed that break. After two months of creative downtime and A LOT (too much) of the boring administrative stuff, extra snuggles with kiddos (I can never get enough of those), puzzles, racing puppies through the snow and the busywork of life as a mom and wife, I am ready to start being creative again.

It’s March, spring is right around the corner, and I’m getting back into the swing of things. I made soap for the first time in quite awhile and I realized how much I missed it. While most of the soaps I make are my signature scents and designs, that takes some of the creativity out of it. The chance to break from the same designs and do something truly creative is a gift. I was given that gift with a request from my nephew for a very specific soap. I took a long time (too long) deliberating about what the exact shade of green was, but in the end that extra time and deliberation paid off and I got the right shade the first time. I’m back to doing what I love and I needed that special project to light the spark again.

I’m experimenting with some of my products, improving my processes and working to find ways to be more sustainable. There’s a lot coming for One Street Over Soaps in 2023. There is a lot to look forward to and I can’t wait to be able to share more as we grow and change.